You (poem of the day)


It was you that i met,

In the web of the net,

With little but to let,

Go of the pull …

Dear Love ( Romantic Poem of the day)

Dear love
Dear love, 

Your eyes remind of angels 

And your smile

Made me realize 

That the beautiful ones are already born
When …

Fela kuti And The Kalakuta Queens The Story Of Lost Empire.

Fela kuti And The Kalakuta Queens The Story Of Lost Empire
Fela kuti And The Kalakuta Queens The Story Of Lost Empire
kalakuta Republic was the name musician and political activist Fela Kuti gave …

Betrothal ( Lifesyle Poem of the day )

Poem of the day
In  your arms I find rest

You’re way  better than the rest

You beat them all and emerged the best
There’s nothing …

Sunday vibes ( poem of the day)
​Babie in your Sunday vibes,

I realise that you are indeed heaven sent.

Amidst the choir members you sparkle saintly.

You harmonise all their …

Tekno Give #500k To A Fan.


After tekno’s latest post saying “I Didn’t Go To School But I Have Hundreds Of Millions, Its Unfair That Graduates Are Broke” …

Society Has Lost Its Senses ( Lifestyle poem of the day)

Society has lost it
Lifestyle poem of the day
Society has lost its senses
That society of ours whose humans are not human

Those humans who get …

They Forgot To Teach Me (Romantic Poem of the day)
Romantic poem
They forgot to teach me how to be me. 
Ever since i was a kid

From starting school to class six …


New private jet

E-square belittles Davido by being the first African artists to acquire a private jet. The duo America-Nigerian Twin E-square the

Tell Me ( Romantic poem of the day )

Tell me romantic poem of the day from
Romantic poem of the day

​She asked me why i went silent

That we were so connected

But then i started saying nothing

I’m …