Bleeding Pen ( Poem of the day )

Bleeding pen
Poem of the day. Bleeding pen
So history tells me

They killed Martin Luther

For speaking free

Its aggregating

Sometimes I get so …

Love Anthem ( poem of the day )

Love anthem poem of the day
Poem of the day

​I might not be your sight when your might runs slightly light

I can never be a can big enough …

 The Peaceful Nature Of  Hausa,Igbo And Yoruba In Nigeria.

Three ethnic group in Nigeria
Three ethnic group in Nigeria

Personally, i like the Hausa man because he is a free and kind giver, welcoming to strangers 

Alone ( Poem of the day )

Alon Poem of the day
Poem of the day
They want to know why i smoke so heavily

Why i keep a lot to myself

Why I’m never …

Stillness ( poem of the day )

Poem of the day. Stillness
Poem of the day. Stillness
Stillness speaks

Silence walks
Darkness loves

And love hates, 
That is life

Or better yet
That is how …

Birth Day Present ( poem of the day )

Romantic and erotic poems from our daily poetry factory in
Erotic poem
Let me have you ride it,

teach you how to move your hips, as i slides it,

between your lips until …

The Uncovered Pace . ( Poem of the day )

Poem of the day
Uncovered Pace
It can never be a hindrance

But the distance sucks 

I see you every night in my dreams

Walking hand in …

Hoping Against Hope ( Poem of the day )

African tribal marking
Hoping against hope a cold bittered heart
I will stand there,

Just right there,

At your favourite spot,

Under the tree,

The mimosa …

IGEDE The Music Of The Dead.

IGEDE the music of the dead
IGEDE music dancing group

We Africans likes our cultures and protects them with a kin interest,which can range from our Initiation process, marriage ceremony, …

Before Getting Married To My Son ( Poem of the day )


I know your mother born you well,

I raised my son well too.

He knows how to handle a girl ,

If …