8 Incredible Quotes To Boost Your Optimism For Today Activities 

Goal chaser like a lion

Things you hear in the morning influences the rest of your day, that’s why I have decided to give …

Hoping Against Hope ( Poem of the day )

African tribal marking
Hoping against hope a cold bittered heart
I will stand there,

Just right there,

At your favourite spot,

Under the tree,

The mimosa …

IGEDE The Music Of The Dead.

IGEDE the music of the dead
IGEDE music dancing group

We Africans likes our cultures and protects them with a kin interest,which can range from our Initiation process, marriage ceremony, …

Before Getting Married To My Son ( Poem of the day )


I know your mother born you well,

I raised my son well too.

He knows how to handle a girl ,

If …

The Great Gold Coast Empire

Gold coast
Ghana empire
Ghana Empire
Kumbi-Saleh (Ghana Empire capital) was a pioneer town on several points. First, because of its location. Located in southeastern …

Facts About Yoruba People Of Nigeria.

Yoruba people.
Yoruba people of Nigeria

​The Yoruba race is more or less a collection of diverse people bound together by language, culture and history. The …

What You Need To Know About The Just Celebrated 420 or 4:20

Marijuana leaf
4:20(april 20th) unofficial weed day

420 or 4:20 which is pronounced as four twenty is code name given to Weed, it refer …

Queen of Sheba: A Beautiful, Strong, Intelligent Black Queen Whose Story Must Be Told.(African Rich  Heritage)

A detail of the Queen from Sir Edward John Poynter’s painting “The Queen of Sheba

No one can hide or the fact that Africa …

Why was Africa called the Dark Continent(history)

Dark continent; The Mark of slavery by European colonists
The most common answer to the question, “Why was Africa called the Dark Continent?” is

10 Quotes That Will Keep You Motivated For The Day. (motivation therapy)

Life is full of tribulation and trials, but that’s life we must keep our head straight and fight through all life challenges.

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