Queen Nzinga –  The reformist

Queen nzinga the Reformist
Queen nzinga the Reformist

She was born sometime around 1583 to Ngola Kiluanji Kia Samba and Guenguela Cakombe in the Portuguese settlement of …

Benin 1st And 2nd Intertribal War Of 15th To 16th Century.

Great war of benin 15th century
Great war of benin 15th century

​                          Many wars were fought by …

Abominable Acts In Igbo Land Cultural system.

Igbo abominations
Igbo traditional attire

The Igbos are the people of an ethnic group native to the present southeastern Nigeria and there are many taboos …

Nnewi Anambra State New Masquerade Named The Devil.

Nnewi anambra state masquerade called the Devil
Nnewi anambra state masquerade called the Devil

As there is are evolution in biology, our culture system is not left out. Some of our …

​Symbolic meanings on Ododua mask In Yoruba Tradition.

Yoruba Ododua mask symbolism
Yoruba Ododua mask symbolism

The Ododua Mask was created by the Benin people many years ago ,which can be inferred to have many symbols

Gay Marriage In Traditional African Society 

Gayism in Africa

Our society today are filled with vices and so many differences of which the talk of the day (sex) is at …

Our Culture Our Heritage.

Culture system
Cultural group

Culture is the peoples way of life ,of which it really is can have of much influence to our society, businesses, jobs,and …

The Mysterious Akwukwo Nju-Ofia ,The Leaf That Flips One.


Nju ofia the leaf that flip's one in Igbo tradition
Nju ofia the leaf that flip’s one
Mystery is mysterious it self ,the more you try to understand it the more confused you …

IGEDE The Music Of The Dead.

IGEDE the music of the dead
IGEDE music dancing group

We Africans likes our cultures and protects them with a kin interest,which can range from our Initiation process, marriage ceremony, …

The Great Gold Coast Empire

Gold coast
Ghana empire
Ghana Empire
Kumbi-Saleh (Ghana Empire capital) was a pioneer town on several points. First, because of its location. Located in southeastern …