My Image ( poem of the day )

ODP poem of the day
ODP poem of the day

My image

Beautiful face, I have 

Dreamy eyes they see

Perfect shape I possess 

Perfection Is what they see…

Am Close To Good ( Poem of the day)

God reflection on a poem
God reflection on a poem

​Am close to God
He loves me

He gave me trees

He gave me waters

He gave me life…

Look Where You Touch ( Poem of the day )

Black panther in wakanda
Black panther in wakanda
It’s been years since I last attempted to kill myself,

Years! Aeons I’d say,

A …

​Scorning A Dead Man ( Poem of the day)

Poem of the day scorning a Dead man
African slavery

Sorry I never shed a tear

As my eyes met with your coffin,

Pardon me

For forlornness showed not on my face,…

Words ( Poem of the day )
Words poem of the day from our daily poetry factory

Words, how do we define words?

Without it being too wordy?

Without …

Felt ( Poem of the day )

Felt ( Poem of the day from our daily poetry factory in )
Felt ( poem of the day)
There are stars you haven’t seen

Loves you haven’t loved

Sunlights you haven’t felt

Sunrises yet to …

In Love ( Poem of the day)

In love from our daily poetry ODP with
In love a romantic poem
I think I’ve fallen in love

Don’t get me wrong though

None of my exes are involved

They …

Amondi The Queen ( Poem Of The Day ).

Amondi, my luo woman

You have a way with me

The haven you carry with you

Is the place I’d rather be 

And …

Sweats And Tears ( Poem Of The Day)

Sweats and tears 
I gave it all I had including my last short and breath.

My everlasting love even till I go beneath.…