Behind the marks (poem of the day) 

Poem of the day, na them they rush us

Crushed, cracked, wrecked till there’s nothing left,
It’s not a life she chose but a lie that chose her,
The unfairness of entities,
Whirled …

Hymn For The Lonely (poem of the day) 

Poem of the day, from

The night sky seems a little darker tonight without moon
Far away if you tilt your head a bit and you’ll see the lonely …

Six Months Ago (Poem of the day) 

Six months

Six months ago,

I came to Seattle,

Looking for a fresh start,

Wanting to breathe some new air,

Scarred by an old incident, 

I …

Growing Up (Poem of the day) 

Poem of the day from ODP

I have chosen to grow up,

To lean to abhor hatred,

After ive hated with a passion,

And won no trophy.
Ive chosen to …

Baby Please Have Mercy ( poem of the day) 

Bbnaija, npower
Poem of the day

Have mercy on me girl,

It wasnt my fault to love you too much,

It wasn’t my desire for us …

Beauty For Ashes (Poem of the day)

Poem of the day poem of the day
I was here

I lived in this era

I listened to trap music

I felt the thrill in …

At Last (poem of the day)

At last ,a romantic poem of the day.
At last ,poem from our daily poetry
So baby, 

If this is the last time I’ll be able to kiss your tender lips,let …

After Thought ( Romantic poem of the day)

Poem of the day
Willow smith ,romance
She walks into the bedroom as he leaves for the bar. 
She spent most of the fast seconds trying to …

The Poem About You (Poem of the day)

Poem of the day
The poem I wrote for you ,

It said nothing but the truth.

How you want to dig a wider well in me,

How …

Steamy Escapades (poem of the day)

Poem of the day, ankara design

When she first held my left hand and pulled me closer to her burgeoned breasts,

 I felt a vicious fire subsume my sense …