Night Smooches (poem of the day) 

Poem of the day

It happens to be one of those nights when your wife has just prepared a hefty meal for you; some fried Chicken, dried …

Falling Stars (poem of the day) 

Falling Stars (poem of the day) 
Poem of the day

I saw them grow up with glowing faces

Despite the hardships and struggles. 

They persevered and worked so hard,

They …

In My Feelings (Romantic poem of the day) 

In my feelings
Poem of the day

Cover my heart with wimples made of the hems of your soul…

Curl your arms round my bosom and the …

Biology (Poem of the day)

When the sperm meets the ova 

A new cell is formed 

A good creature is born 

And reproduction takes place…
I wanted this to …

Just Saying (poem of the day) 

Poem of the day, from odp,
Poem of the day

My silence is hereditary
I got it from myself

As quite as a church mouse

Or a forgotten book stark …

Last seconds (Poem of the day)

Poem of the day
This is the best few seconds of my life,

That i know you’ll listen to me,

I hope you …

Forever (poem of the day)

Poem of the day from Our daily poetry ODP
Forever, poem of the day by Louis icon

Abigael is a happily married woman

Their marriage is a bed of roses

The small thorns …

From Where I Stand ( Poem of the day)

Here i standSometimes, 

I wish I were water 

So I can blend in with the waves,

Or a grain of sand on the sea shore, …

​Poem: Armour Of Love (The fight within One’s mind).

Poem from a guy who loves a girl

The armor of love (love can be a source of strength and also a source of …

Pretty ( Poem of the day )

Pretty, poem of the day by
Pretty, poem of the day by

Her back arches in a way that none ever has,

She closes her eyes,

And …