Short And Sweet ( Romantic poem of the day )

Romantic poem from ODP our daily poetry factory in Nigeria
Romantic poem from 247inafrica

She looked into his eyes. Sadness gleamed across her face. She looked passive. She was in deep thoughts. It …

Stillness ( poem of the day )

Poem of the day. Stillness
Poem of the day. Stillness
Stillness speaks

Silence walks
Darkness loves

And love hates, 
That is life

Or better yet
That is how …

Before Getting Married To My Son ( Poem of the day )


I know your mother born you well,

I raised my son well too.

He knows how to handle a girl ,

If …

I Miss You Die ( Poem of the day )

Poem by Louis icon from our daily poetry factory
Miss you die a romantic poem
This distance sucks 

I see u every night in my dreams

Walking hand in hand 

But in …

Sweats And Tears ( Poem Of The Day)

Sweats and tears 
I gave it all I had including my last short and breath.

My everlasting love even till I go beneath.…