Look Where You Touch ( Poem of the day )

Black panther in wakanda
Black panther in wakanda
It’s been years since I last attempted to kill myself,

Years! Aeons I’d say,

A …

​Scorning A Dead Man ( Poem of the day)

Poem of the day scorning a Dead man
African slavery

Sorry I never shed a tear

As my eyes met with your coffin,

Pardon me

For forlornness showed not on my face,…

Past ( Poem of the day)

ODP factory 247inafrica.com
Poem of the day from ODP factory our daily poetry factory in Africa
I sit by the wall to see my past

They …

Society ( Poem of the day )

ODP our daily poetry
Poem of the day
What if you died today? 

Would you choose to stay a while? 

To see the world without you? 

Would …

In Love ( Poem of the day)

In love from our daily poetry ODP with 247inafrica.com
In love a romantic poem
I think I’ve fallen in love

Don’t get me wrong though

None of my exes are involved

They …

Pretty Little Girl.

Pretty girl ,poetry from ODP factory our daily poetry in Africa
Joy Monde

​pretty little girl
You are a pretty little girl in world full of grotesque thing ready to taint your white dress 

You …

I Had A Dad ( poem of the day)

I had a dad ODP our daily poetry from 247inafrica.com
I had a dad ( poem from our daily poetry)
I have a dad

Who I call when sad

And tell him the …

OH , YESTERDAY ( Poem of the day )

Oh,yesterday a poem from ODP our daily poetry factory in 247inafrica.com

He woke with a start,

In the middle of the night,

A weight he’d felt on his chest,

Entangled in …