Tell Me ( Romantic poem of the day )

Tell me romantic poem of the day from
Romantic poem of the day

​She asked me why i went silent

That we were so connected

But then i started saying nothing

I’m …

Satisfaction ( Poem of the day )

Satisfaction a poem of the day

It was first light,

So frosty like the primordial cold before fire was invented,

Yet, my body was burning up,

My skin …

Birth Day Present ( poem of the day )

Romantic and erotic poems from our daily poetry factory in
Erotic poem
Let me have you ride it,

teach you how to move your hips, as i slides it,

between your lips until …

I Miss You Die ( Poem of the day )

Poem by Louis icon from our daily poetry factory
Miss you die a romantic poem
This distance sucks 

I see u every night in my dreams

Walking hand in hand 

But in …

In Love ( Poem of the day)

In love from our daily poetry ODP with
In love a romantic poem
I think I’ve fallen in love

Don’t get me wrong though

None of my exes are involved

They …