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Among the biannual ceremony is ODO of Ngwo in IGBO land of Nigeria ,which Christians regard as fetish.This belief arises from the status of deity ascribed to Odo by the worshipers , including the rituals and incantaIons frquently performed by the Odo priest added to many secret and nocturnal activites associated wih the worship.

Simillar to Christians observing Sunday and keeping it holy,the Odo cult groups observes all Orie which is a day in the four market days in Igbo land ;Eke, Orie,Afor,Nkwo.,as sacred and action free.Inniciation to the Odo group has some qualifications before one can be a member

1• Must be a male child

2• At least 7years of age, i.e the seven villages in NGWO UNO

3• Capable of keeping secrets.

4• Inniciation must be certified by the parent.

The ODO masqurade is decoraated with paintings andstrips of colourful clothing ,the Odo is intricately woven to cylindrical structure of maneuverable weight towering close to twenty feet tall and capped to appear like human head or that of an animal,though equally fabricated with materials from the palm fronds.

The Odo is paraded with joyful group druming and paraded with humorus folk incantations at the village square and along designated roads in the celebrating community on agreed days of ceremony during Odo period.The duration of Odo is three months (during the dry period between November and February).

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