Zimbabwean crystalline Baboon urine Africa Love Portion.

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portrait of a baboon
portrait of a baboon

Baboons are mammals with up to 94% intelligent compared to human.In Africa were we make our own indigenous Viagra or sex enhancers using Baboons urine as the main ingredients in the preparation.

It is believed that a woman can use it to possess his husband and make him sex active for a very long period of time. The portion according to our researches made, the baboon urine effectively tames the male counterpart so that he no longer finds any other woman attractive or , hoping from one bed to another.

In the biological theory the baboons are known for urinating only in one spot for a complet season and hardly forgets the spot. You will be woundering how one can locate their urine  sport,most of the urines come from troops roaming the Victoria Falls tourist resort. There are many baboons there and some locals are paid to locate the spot and access the urine. Water is then poured into a container holding baboon urine soil. The liquid is sold to needy women who then apply on their private parts.

A local said he pays his suppliers $10 for a two-litre baboon urine pot, which is later repackaged into small 200ml-bottles for re-sell at $2 each.

Medical experts and distributors of the product whose views The Zimbabwe Mail sought, attributed the rise in use of enhancement drugs among women, with some as young as 16, to the need for sexual gratification.In a survey conducted by The Zimbabwe Mail, not only baboon urine is flooding the market but also a coffee brand meant to enhance performance in bed.

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