Elongation Of The Vaginal Libia For Better Sex In Rwanda.

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Sexual practice in Africa
Libia elongation in African countries for good sex
Africans are referred to as sex beasts, of is conferred to use by the tradition we practice.

Sex therapy of the present day have long existed before civilization , Rwandans were doing it their own way. Gukuna imishino is a term in Kinyarwanda which translates to labia elongation. For Rwandans, the longer it is the better. At puberty, the girls were introduced to guca imyeyo, a euphemism which translates to ‘cutting brooms’. The young girls would go into the bushes to cut brooms. While at it, they would pair up and pull at each other’s labia outwards. Even to date Rwandan girls in boarding schools will sit in rows facing each other, in their dormitories and do the same as they catch up on the latest gossip. May be you want to call it gross, but to them it is just culture. In any case this is supposed to give the girls a ‘sneak preview’ of the pleasure they will experience with their husbands. In olden days the girls would use traditional herbs which they were trained to find in the bushes as lubricants. They also served to make the labia swell so as to make it easier to grab. Contrary to most African societies and global cultures, in Rwanda sex is for the woman. The man is supposed to make her orgasm (kurangiza).According to the Rwandans, elongation of the labia makes it easy to grab and play with during sexual intercourse therefore facilitating the woman’s orgasm (kurangiza) and kunyaza (female ejaculation). Clearly, if sex is an art, then no one has mastered it like the Rwandans.

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