Hamar Boys Rituals in Ethiopia.

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Harmar boys rituals
Hamar boys ritual to adulthood
In African traditions adulthood is a stage attained on the basis of certain criteria and traditional performances with rituals. It is not exceptional to Hamar boys of Ethiopia whom are obliged to undergo two rituals before attaining adulthood which are :

1. Circumcision and 

2. A leap over the bulls. 

Hamar boys of Ethiopia
Hamar boys cow leaping ritual to attain adulthood

These determines whether the young Hamar male is ready to make the social jump from youth to adulthood. During this ceremony, their female family members declare their love for the young men and to prove the sacrifice they are willing to endure, they beg men to whip them.

After the ceremony held in the Omo River Valley, the boy becomes a man and is now allowed to marry.

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