Facts About Fulani Tribe Of Nigeria.

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Facts about fulani tribe of Nigeria related to massai tribe of kenya
Facts about Fulani’s

Fulani’s are one of the largest normadic group in Nigeria, their are some facts about them that you might find similar to Massai Tribe in Kenya, they are.
1. There is no argument that Fulanis are the biggest nomadic people in the world. According to research, around 13 million of the 20 million Fulani people are nomads They are born nomads as they walk for kilometres with their cattle in search of food and water.

2. If you see a Fulani man or woman, you can instantly identify them by the way they dress. For instance, in Nigeria, men sometimes wear a hat with three tips on it while the women adorn their hair with shells or use henna to decorate their hands and feet.
3. The Fulani language is spoken in over 15 African countries. It is also one of the major languages spoken in Nigeria. Hence, it is essential to note that Fulanis are not present only in Nigeria.
4. Most Fulanis are followers of Islam. This should not be a surprise to anyone as they are from a part of Nigeria where Islam is the dominant religion.
5. Fulanis are very dependent on cattle. Every Fulani no matter their status in the society ‘must’ own cattle.

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