Cultural Similarities Among Fulani Tribe Of Nigeria ,Massia Tribe Of Kenya And Hamar Tribe Of Ethiopia.

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Similarities between Fulani tribe of Nigeria, Massai Tribe in Kenya
Fulani tribe of Nigeria

In Africa tradition with its uniqueness and similarities that existed as people from the same continent, i can infer that almost every Africa tradition and culture has a similar origin and may also be of similar values and pattern of expression. Some of the tribes in Africa have some similarities in culture and tradition that might intrigue you to say that all Africans are of the same ancestor. We will be discussing the similarities in culture that exist between Fulani tribe of Nigeria, Massai Tribe of Kenya and Hamar Tribe of Ethiopia.

1. Similarities between Fulani’s and Massai Tribe of Kenya : Both Fulanis and Massai tribe are peace loving people, presently dominating west and east African countries. They are nomads with a large number of cattles under their care.Their wealth is measured by the number of cattles one have as his own.They both also pays prides price with cattles.And by tradition are allowed to marry as more wives as they wish.f

Similarities between Fulani tribe, Massai Tribe in Kenya, Hamar tribe in Ethiopia
Fulanis facial decoration during marriage ceremony

Marriage ceremony in Fulani tribe
2. Fulanis and Hamar tribe of Ethiopia : As it is in the tradition of Fulanis during marriage ceremony to perform the cane whipping ceremony to ascertain if the man can be able to protect their females after being married to her ,the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia also does that with almost the same intention and ideology. They both also perform cattle leaping ritual during the transition of a boy to adulthood.

Similarities in culture between Fulani tribe of Nigeria and Hamar tribe of Ethiopia
Whipping ceremony in Ethiopia

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