The Mysterious Akwukwo Nju-Ofia ,The Leaf That Flips One.

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Nju ofia the leaf that flip's one in Igbo tradition
Nju ofia the leaf that flip’s one
Mystery is mysterious it self ,the more you try to understand it the more confused you get ,I will say it infer to the saying that the more you look ,the less you see i.e the more you seek to understand it the less you know.

During my childhood days i heard a lot of some scary stories about a particular mysterious leaf in the bush called Akwukwo Nju in Igbo language. Some people call it Akwukwo Nju-offia, which literally means the Leaf that flips one in the forest. Those days people believed that the leaf have the power to cast a spell on a person, and can carry away the person’s mind and consciousness, as in dementia.Efforts has been made to point out or identify the leaf ,some herbalists were making some suggestions on whicg leage it is . It was said that when it cast the spell over the person, the person would lost his/her mind to the extent that he/she would be wandering about aimlessly in the forest or bush for hours or days, until somebody finds the victim, touches him/her and asks the person or calls the person by his or her name. It is only by such an encounter that the spell would be broken.

Relating to a true life story that happed in my village a long time ago . The man entered the bush to cut grass for his goats and that was all. He was seen the next day heading to Anambra State from Enugu state  with a bunch of grass on his head, and yes he had no idea of how he got there or where he was heading to.
The leave is otherwise known in Southwest as DAIKO LEAVE. It forms part of Ingredients use to ward off a thief/burglar or armed robbers from one’s vicinity or home. A potent charm made out of it serves as a security.

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