Marriage Practices And Traditions In Nigeria.

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Igbo traditional marriage ceremony
Igbo marriage ceremony

Marraige is a union of both man and woman under an agreement, but in Nigeria it exceeds only the man and the woman, there by including the tradition, culture, norm’s and some ethical values in the society. I will in this article list some of the traditional practices to marriage in Nigeria.

1. Flogging the groom among the Fulanis
This is a festival in which an intending young Fulani groom is flogged to prove that he’s ready to take a wife. The would-be groom will be trashed and he must show no signs of pain. Otherwise, his readiness to take up the huge responsibility of marriage will not be accepted.
2. Magun (thunderbolt)
Magun is very common among the Yorubas. It is usually placed on wives by their husbands without their knowledge as a deterrent for committing adultery. And if she goes ahead with the act, her lover could end up losing his life or getting stuck while in the act,although this practices is very deadly as its name it is still being practised in Nigeria.
3. Fattening room
This is practiced by people who hail from Calabar. The fattening room is a room where young women are kept and prepared for womanhood and marriage. Being fat is considered as a sign of good living.
4. Shaving the hair
In Igbo land a woman who just lost the husband is usually taken through some cultural rituals to prove that she played no role in the death of her husband which one of them is shaving off her hair, although somewhat humiliating but still been practices more also to show some respect to the dead.

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