Our Culture Our Heritage.

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Culture system
Cultural group

Culture is the peoples way of life ,of which it really is can have of much influence to our society, businesses, jobs,and the development of a nation.Culture is represented in any society by ;

1. Language 

2. Decision making 

3. Stories telling 

4. Daily work practices in the group. 

Therefore, the visual and verbal component of any culture is noticeable every day at work and in the society at large. This is true, such that whether you are walking through the work area, sitting in the office or attending a meeting, the culture surrounds you and permeates your working life in a group. Therefore, the manner of interaction in a meeting and the way people collaborate in a group speak volume about existing culture in any group.

To understand the culture that exist in your group, your assessment of your culture may make you happy or may make you sad. But whatever your assessment teaches you, that is what it is. To be able to enhance, to benefit and to make a change of your culture, you simply need to see and understand your culture. But it must be observed, however, that assessing group culture is like telling someone how to tie their shoes. And once you have been doing that every day, it is hard to describe the process to another person due in part of the complexity and routine nature. 

Culture system
Cultural group

Before any culture change can take place, you must understand the current culture or the way things really are. And once you understand the current culture, then the group must decide where it want to go and define its strategic direction. What vision it has for the future and how such culture change can support the accomplishment of that vision.

Finally, the individual in such group must decide to change their behavior as to create the desired culture, which is the hardest step in any culture change. No wonder many of the successful business organization and society would not hesitate to say it was to their unique culture that contribute to their success. 

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