Kohl  Eyeliner Is Very Beautiful But Dangerous.

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Dangerous effect of local eyeliner
Dangerous effect of local eyeliner
Nigeria has one of the most beautiful make upeyeliners in the world, but it is also very dangerous. It’s called Tiro or Kohl, used as mascara and medicinal purposes.Tiro can be used as makeup ,but also for the cleaning of the eyes. Many people believe it kills germs and cleans dirt form the eyes, and even stop blood flowing from wounds.

The problem is that the eye-liner is full of lead, and with constant application can be harmful.“Tiro is used for the eyes and many people grind other substances into it, even houseflies,” says one market seller.It can be bought in the traditional form that looks like charcoal, or a more modern version that looks like lipstick. It is used by everyone from young children to old adults.Tiro can also be found across the world, often known as Kohl. In Nigeria it is especially popular amongst the Hausa and Fulani peoplein the north

Forty percent of females with children applied kohl to the eyes of their children during the first postnatal month. Analysis of five commercially available traditional kohl samples showed that some preparations have a high pH and a high lead concentration (88%), indicating that most preparations are lead-based rather than antimony-based. It is interesting to find that some kohl preparation have a weak antimicrobial effect against Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Proteus species. The use of lead-based kohl is still a common and serious practice and should be discouraged, especially in children.

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