Okrika Virgins Initiation Ceremony Into Womanhood In Nigeria.

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Okirika virgin Initiation ceremony
Okirika virgin Initiation ceremony

Okrika became the capital of the Okrika kingdom in the early 17th century and actively dealt inslaves. It served as a port for the exportation of palm oil after the abolition of the slave trade in the 1830s, but it was a less significant port facility than either Bonny  obopo . By 1912 Okrika had been completely eclipsed by Port Harcourt, and it was not revived as a commercial port until 1965, when the nearby Alesa-Eleme oil refinery was completed and pipelines were built to a jetty on Okrika Island. Refined petroleum products are Okrika’s only significant exports. The town has considerable local trade in fish,oil palmproduce, locally processed salt, cassava (manioc), taro, plantains, and yams.As other tribes in Nigeria they have there annual festivals which one of them is the annual initiation ceremony of virgins into womanhood which is held at the final quarter of the year in Okrika, Rivers State. The ceremony which is aimed at Welcoming young virgins who just clocked 18 years old and above into womanhood. The traditional ceremony Is called”Iria” in Okrika.This ceremony is said to be an ancient ceremony and also sacred as it Is only done by virgins in the ancient days.

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