Abominable Acts In Igbo Land Cultural system.

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Igbo abominations
Igbo traditional attire

The Igbos are the people of an ethnic group native to the present southeastern Nigeria and there are many taboos in Igbo land but it unveils as the case prevails. Below are the things considered to be an abomination in the Igbo Land.


There are four Major market days in Igbo land and they are Eke, Orie, Afo, and Nkwo all these are the days people take whatever they have for sale to a designated place meant for that market to do business, all the prospective buyers already know where and when to go to the market to make their purchases. Every market day has its own significance and its own traditional attachments.Eke Market day is a special market day set aside by the ancestors. On that day, nobody must go to farm land to engage in any work and there will be nothing like marriage ceremony on that day. People prefer to go to the market engage in any trade they want and return home to rest for the next day.

EKE (Snake)

There two kinds of this snake of which one is Eke Orasi and the other is called Eke Uwonya. Eke Orasi is a short python that is seen almost every where in Igbo Land while Eke Uwonya is a big and long Python seen in the forest.Eke Uwonya is consumable but the short Python can not be killed or eaten because it is forbidden, Itis believed that the Eke Orasi is the sons and daughters of Orashi river which is found in Abia, Imo and part of Anambra State.


In Igbo land respect is most revered, it is assumed that any thing having to deal with the left hand is bad luck or evil. Igbo’s forbid collection of an item with the left hand, secondly waving at someone with the left hand is regarded as showing disrespect to that personality.


As Christians cerebrate there annual harvest in church so do Igbo’s do in the new yam festival, in which yams are celebrated. Yam which serves many purpose: as food, used in rituals,as a gift item and many more are highly revered as the most significant and valuable food product in Igbo land, and so can’t be treated as other food items. In typical Igbo traditional setting, yams are stored only in the parns, yams must not be kicked with foot in regards to it, yams a tied and not putting on bags.

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