Dear Love ( Romantic Poem of the day)

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Dear love
Dear love, 

Your eyes remind of angels 

And your smile

Made me realize 

That the beautiful ones are already born
When I look into your eyes

I see not the faults in the stars

But magic that can heal my heart of its scars
In your eyes,

I see the many tomorrows 

I see the future, bright, for my dark past

I see days, I’d love to live and relive

Till the end of time
My heart beats in rhythm no more

For the strings of my heart you tied a knot 
You ignite the sparks upon me

You set my soul ablaze

You tear my life asunder

You drown my boldness 

Everytime you turn and smile 
If I consider myself living 

With you by my side not

Then I’d be dead
You’re the oxygen not to my life

But the reason why I have to inhale it
I find no word to write best of you

For your beauty is worth a thousand poems

But no word is worthy to describe you

Maybe putting you in the frames of heart 

Will help… 
You fill up the empty depths of me 

Making  me feel whole again 
Dear Love, 

Be my rose

I’ll endure the thorns

And bleed my love for you



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