The African Perspectives Of Left handed Peoples, Effecting Africans Cultural values.

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Left handed people in Africa
Left handed people in Africa

​In almost all tribes in Africa, the left hand has been an issue and has affected the society in a more negative way than you can imaging. Taking for instance my friend from the Yoruba tribe lost a job interview just because he handed his documents using the left hand , the interview took it (from the interviewers perspective) that my friend is disrespectful and arrogant by doing so.

This is just one of the many ways by which the left hand hypothesis has been affecting our livelihood. A child in his or her tender age whom is left handed are forced to change to right hand which I see no reasoning in doing that ,hand is hand ,be it left or right.Some tribes believed that using left hand brings bad luck, bad market and other bad influences on the society.

About three days ago i was at the market with my friend. I attempted to give the seller money with my left hand and he rebuked me immediately despite my right hand being full with somethings.Now my question is, what exactly is wrong in giving or receiving with your left hand? What is the rationale behind this? Does giving with left hand go against laid down societal values which distorts societal order? No matter how much western culture invades the African atmosphere, we are still Africans ,but we can make changes on that ,starting with you and your tribe.


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