Street Kid ( Lifestyle poem of the day)

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Street Kid ( Lifestyle poem of the day)
Street Kid ( Lifestyle poem of the day)
Street Kid

You all pass me by as if I aint human,

You all call me StReeT KiD,

But I also have a name,

Even though I look like I bring shame,

I know someday I will raise to the fame,

The street is my home,the only place I call home,

The street is a cruel place to be,
With this pen I pen my sorrow, 

No one to look at me for a moment, 

A thief is what they have called me, 

My stomach, produces a trembling sound, 

Gallowing from anger and mystery, 

I know here is never where I belong, 

The street is now my belonging.
When they all rejected me, 

The streets welcomed me with open arms, 

When the rains come I have no where to run to, 

When am bruised I have no one to nurse me, 

I stink and smell but am still human,

But will they understand? 

My power they underestimated, 

It’s me they want to make their slaves forever, 

I am thorn and bruised,
I never wanted this for myself, 

I never applied to be born and abandoned on the streets, 

I also have dreams, dreams of building a castle, 

One day they will wonder and remain blowing a whistle, 

I will hustle and bustle till it looks downloaded
By Poetess Vashti

From our daily poetry factory in Nigeria.

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