Reasons Some Africans Are Not Good In Speaking Their Mother Tongue Language.

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Reasons Africans Are Not Good In Speaking Their Mother Tongue Language.

Communication is most astonishing part of human, that made him to be supreme among other mammals. Mother tongue is the local language that is being spoken by a particular set of people in a certain locality, i will like to list the reasons why some Africans are not good in speaking their mouth tongue language.

1. Parents don’t speak their mother tongue to their children any more. In fact, some of these parents when attending an events or any social gatheringone , they order their children not to speak the mother tongue language. How can such a child learn the language? Parents should speak more to their kids in their mother tongue.

2. It is tagged vernacular In some schools today, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo among other languages are banned because they are considered vernacular. A child who speaks his or her mother tongue would be penalized. So from the formative years of these children, they already have the perception that speaking their mother tongue is bad.

3. They are uncivilized : Many people believe that you are uncivilized or local if you speak your mother tongue. So, in other to join the bandwagons and be accepted, they dish their mother tongue for foreign languages . This is all in the name of being civilized. Children have also been caught in this web

4. It is not compulsory in primary and secondary schools While English is compulsory in secondary schools today, the indigenous languages are not even though a child must study one of these languages. Children will think the languages are a joke. Hence,they won’t bother to learn or speak it.

5. Technology The engagement or interaction of children with technology is entirely in English. Their smartphone,video games, laptop and other tech gadgets are in English. So since many of them spend so much time with these gadgets, they don’t have anything to do with the languages. This is a challenge to African developers to design tech gadgets in the indigenous languages.

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