Apaama Masquerade The Most Beautiful And Ugly Masquerade In Igbo Land Nigeria.

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Apaama Masquerade of Amokwe Ngwo uno Enugu state
Apaama Masquerade of Amokwe Ngwo

Apaama masquerade is a masquerade,that originated during the Stone age, when the full purpose of masquerade is still in the heart of men.Apaama which in Igbo translates to “Carry me”, the masquerade was for recreation and always plays on special occasions like child naming ceremony and many others.It makes a playful move on children as if it wants to abduct them .

The Apaama masquerade playing is attributed to Amokwe uboji in Ngwo uno Enugu State Nigeria, which the most beautiful and also ugly masquerade in Igbo land are patented to. The initiation ceremony into Apaama cultural group is not just like other cultural initiations ceremonies, it requires one to also look ugly and also beautiful like the masquerade it self. I know you must be asking, how can one be beautiful and ugly at the same time ? But not for Apaama he can be.

First let me talk about its beauty before going over to the ugly side of Apaama masquerade;the masquerade is beautiful in the sense that everything on him are considered expensive and made of high quality materials,  its vests are materials like Ankara dress,Igbos Lions head cloth and many more even Gucci .From all these i presumed it can be termed beautiful but ,not forgetting about the black haggard looking face of his that looks like a wild cat,which is so unique that it can never be mistaken by other similar masquerades in the area.It is said that a child that sees the masquerade for the first time hardly sleeps at night.

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