The Importance of A Flutist in Igbo land Nigeria

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The 4 importance attributed to flutist performing in Igbo land
Igbo flutist performing

In regards to Igbo tradition and culture, before the early civilization and the advent of radio, television ,email and even the internet. The Igbos have had a means of reaching to the purpose of those media in the olden days.

Playing the flute was a very lucrative business and also is, due to the fact that it serves many purposes to the society at large,every town and village that does not have a flutist will have to hire one and will pay more to get his service. I will be enumerating on the importance attributed to the flutists in Igbo land Nigeria:
1. In Ceremonies : During ceremonies like wedding in the old traditional setting, and even in recent times,the flutist will have an important role as to entertain the guests and make the event to be more lively.

2. Send massage : Fluting can also be used as medium by which encrypted massages are passed to specific kind of people in the society, and can also be used to inform the villagers on a meeting or ceremony.

3. For motivational purposes : During crisis and inter or intra tribal wars ,the flutist serves a purpose of motivating and praising of warriors and prominent men in the society.

4. Relaxation : Not forgetting the importance of relaxation after a hectic day at the farm land ,the flutist plays his flute to the person that hired him ,so as to help him relax.

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