African Men Obsession With Big Thick Or Fat Women,A Historical Trend.

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Thick,big,fat women
African men obsession with big women

You might be wondering why African  love women with big backside, and a large breast. I can attribute the obsession for thick women to many factors which all relates to the intense sexual desire of some African men.Those factors included are :

Fertility : African men have that mind set that any big women, or women with a huge back side is an indication that the women is fertile ,that she can conceive.Which is a fallacy because have a big back side is not an evident of being fertile.

Sign of good living : people believe in this part of the world, that being fat is a sign of good living, which is not a fact because some obsessed women doesn’t see it as a sign of good living.

Sexual capabilityIn some cultures in Nigeria,they have a practice known as the fattnening room (Cross Rivers to be precise).Before a young woman gets married she must spend up to four months in the fattening room, which all she does is eat ,rest, sleep and have fun until they gets fattened.

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