Nigeria Pastor Says A Young Musician Will Die And Buhari Will Win 2019 Election. 

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Nigerian pastor gives weighty prophecies about the state of the nation and the death of a young musician 

Sediq Moses, a pastor who recently came to limelight has shared startling revelations. His focus was on political matters and the Nigerian music industry. Apart from the revelations he gave, he also made a ground-shaking prophecy about an undisclosed musician. The pastor in question caught the attention of people in recent times when many credited him with giving prophecies about Nigeria and the world that eventually come to pass. He heads the Christ Holy Mountain House of Prayer church. In a recent speech he made, Sediq made some revelations about the political situation of the nation which he said was given to him by God. These shocking statements made by him was thereafter released by Akin Sokoya, The prophet whose birth name was Abubakar Sediq made it clear that God made the revelations to him on Sunday, August 19, 2018.
President Muhammadu Buhari is the most likely one to win the 2019 election. He then went to say that prayers should be raised for the Senate president Bukola Saraki as it would be a bad decision for him to contest in the upcoming voting scheme: “If I tell you that Buhari will win in 2019, you should not doubt it… Pray for Saraki. I am passionately appealing to him through this medium not to contest for the Presidency of this country.” Moving on, Sediq Moses said that in one of his many revelations, he saw a young musician who was very drunk and got involved in a fatal car accident alongside his friends. According to the pastor, none of the people involved in the ghastly event survived.
Furthermore, the prophet enjoined the unnamed young musician who he said had escaped the accident in the past to pray if he was going to survive another one. Sediq also made a point of saying that the reason for the impending accident was that the anonymous Nigerian musician had sold his life to the devil and the marine world. “I saw a young musician; he was really drunk, with his friends and was involved in a car accident. A fatal one and none of them survived. So the young musician should be careful and pray hard to avert this tragedy. He had something like this in the past, but survived. But now it’s his time around in the marine world. He’s going to die. Because he sold his life to the devil.” Nigerian pastor gives weighty prophecies The apostle who is normally referred to as the Moses of our time made some other shocking prophecies that extended to other states and countries like Kenya. One point Sediq kept reiterating was that those living close to the waters in states like Kogi and Delta should evacuate as there will be a heavy flood. What do you think of these weighty pronouncements?

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