The Health Benefits Of Solanum nigrum (Ewa vegetable ) 

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  • What is the botanical name for Ewa vegetable
  • Take a picture of Ewa vegetable on the farm showing the presence of snails or other pests and pathway to the farm and outlay.
  • State the cultivativation process of the vegetable
  • List the important and usefulness of Ewa vegetable.


From Enugu state University of Science and technology ESUT 

Department of applied microbiology and brewing 

Students involved 

Eze Louis Chinaza 

Nnaji chidera Anthony 

Onyia Emmanuel 

Field work 

Solanum nigrum l. is a species in the genus Solanum. It is also known as black nightshade. Parts of this plant can be toxic to livestock and humans. Nonetheless, ripe berries and cooked leaves of edible strain are used as food in some locales and plant part are used as a traditional medicine.

No 1

Classification of Ewa leaf (Solanum nigrum l.)

Kingdom = plantae

Clade = Angiosperms

Clade =Asterids

Order = solanales

Family = Solanaceae

Subfamily = Solanoideae

Tribe =Solaneae

Genus =Solanum

Specie = Solanum nigrum l.

No 2

Figure 1 and 2 shows the Ewa (Solanum nigrum l.) leaf and the path leading to the farm. The picture was taken Umueze Agbani Enugu state Nigeria. It was observed that the Ewa (Solanum nigrum l.) have hole which indicate attack by insects such as beetles.

Ewa vegetable (Solanum nigrum l.) in nkanu local government of agbani ESUT
Ewa vegetable (Solanum nigrum l.)


Ewa vegetable (Solanum nigrum l.) in nkanu local government of agbani ESUT
Ridges used in the cultivation of Ewa Solanum nigrum
Ewa vegetable (Solanum nigrum l.) in nkanu local government of agbani ESUT
Ewa vegetable garden (Solanum nigrum l)

                                                                    ANSWER NUMBER 3

The cultivation of Ewa (Solanum nigrum L) follows almost the same process of other vegetable cultivation except that it is cultivated by using the dark plue seedlings. From the research I made , farmers said that they apply ash during the cultivation process so as to reduce the pH of the soil to be more favorable and also prevents the invasion of some pests and snails. The process of Solanum nigrum L cultivation is stated below as:

  1. First clearing of the farm land
  2. Preparation of the Ewa dried seedling
  3. Making of nursery beds and ridges for the Solanum nigrum L
  4. Planting the seedlings on the nursery beds which is located in an area of adequate water supply
  5. After two weeks of planting manure and ash can be added to boost the growth, reduce pH respectively.
  6. The vegetable is due for harvest in the 4 to 5th week of planting.

Importants and usefulness of Ewa (Solanum nigrum l.)

  • It is used as medicinal plant, the leaf extract are used to treat diarrhea in children, certain eye infections and jaundice.
  • Its boost the immune system
  • It aids in the replenishment of the blood 
  • It serve as food
  • The seed is use in preparation of herbal medicine.

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