Togo Bare Chested Women Dance During Voodoo Ceremony 

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Togo Bare Chested Women Dance During Voodoo Ceremony 

Africa with its unique of culture and traditions are very unique and special to the practitioner. VOODOO is a cultural practice that believes in the supernatural and spirits. Every year in Togo there is a Voodoo ceremony where bare-chested women dance during a Voodoo ceremony during the last quarter of the year  (September) . Thousands of followers of voodoo from Togo, Benin, Ghana, Ivory coast and Nigeria take part in the annual Sacred Stone Festival, marking the celebration of the Guen tribe new year. 

Bare-chested and with leaves wrapped around their necks, a small group of voodoo worshippers emerges from a dense forest in southern Togo in ceremonies that hold a special place in this tiny West African state where 51 percent practice the nature-based belief system that dates to the 16th century. 

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