Busy (poem of the day) 

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Busy (poem of the day) 

Busy (poem of the day) 

I know you got pissed off that we no longer see each other

That it never happens like it used to

With the number of forwarded calls ….tens lost count!

The voice mails and voice noted still unattended

But trust me I was busy

In a way many will never understand
I was busy having internal conversations with myself

I was busy trying to silence this demons that are no longer under my bed but in my head

I was busy battling with this thoughts that no longer give me peace.

I was busy taking a break from the entire world.

I was busy trying to dust myself up

I was busy but screw you!!!..

You never seem to understand.
I was busy learning that what I needed was more of me and less of the world

I was busy wiping this tears that never seem to dry

I was busy trying to find a perfect mask to hide my face

I was busy, locked up in the vaults crying at the lyrical of the sad songs

I was busy looking for a perfect way to end this

Pull a trigger, jump from the towers and break my bones

Drown in the pools,take some poison,

Tie a rope round my neck and kick

 I swear I was busy!
I was busy cursing

I was busy tossing

Racking my brain

Draining my fears

But you never seem to understand

That’s when I realized that I needed more of me and less of you.

I am not sorry!

Am busy!

BY Millern

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