Protest Erupt In Zimbabwe Over The Recent Hike In Fuel Price 

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Zimbabwe’s president “Emmerson Mnangagwa” who recently announced the increase in fuel price with hope of ending the severe shortages of fuel that are causing public anger in .

Report reaching us now is that after the increase in fuel price Protests have broken out in Zimbabwe’s two main cities
Angry protesters were seen Burning tyres and boulders are being used to barricade roads and block buses from carrying passengers.

Zimbabwe’s government is trying to resuscitate the country’s struggling economy.

The Southern African nation faces a severe shortage of us dollar cash and confidence in its bond notes, which are supposed to be worth the same as the dollar.

In a televised address on Saturday, President Mnangagwa said the fuel price hike would address the ongoing fuel problems, which have seen motorists queuing for hours at petrol stations.

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