Do You Know: 7 Unknown Wonderful Facts About Camels

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7 Unknown Wonderful Facts About Camels

Camels are usually found in the desert. Though many people thinks that camels only lives in hot climates, they also do well in cold regions. Below are the 15 miraculous facts about camel.
1. Camels have more memory than any in animal kingdom. They think a lot more and remember everything. If you hurt a camel it
will never forget you and will do all possible to get you. And eventually, if not lucky, can kill the offender. They are thoughtful, understands when little children do them harm, but chooses to take revenge when it comes from adults as they
consider it as disdain.

2. Camels are social animals, they like being in groups called herds. Led by dominant male, while many of the other males form their own herd called bachelor herd. Camels are very social and like to greet each other by blowing on their faces.
3. Camels can run as faster as 40 kilometer per hour and more when their masters are in hurry or not. 
4. Camels are known for spitting on people. In fact, they are throwing up the contents of their stomach along with spittle. This is a way of defense when they feel intimidated. 
5. Camels have two rows of thick eyelashes that protect their eyes from desert dust. They are also able to close their nostrils and lips to keep out the dust. 
6. Camels can eat almost anything edible without injuring their mouths, including thorny twigs. they are herbivores, though, so you wont find them eating meat.
7. Camel urine is as thick as syrup because they retain water. Both dung and urine are taken or utilised as medicine because they take any leaves. Their milk which is herby fragrant, is also of health benefits, contains higher level of iron, protiens, as well as less fat. It help boost immune system, stimulates circulation, improve growth, treates diabetes. 

7 Unknown Wonderful Facts About Camels

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