Health News: Six Shocking Facts You Don’t Know About Se*

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We have compiled a list of fun and interesting sex facts that you can share with your friends. 


1.In 2002, while returning to the US, the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier stopped in Australia, where the sailors wore out the local sex workers to the point the brothel had to close down temporarily. What diet were they on?

2.Breastfeeding invokes in the mother the neurochemical oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love drug,” which helps to focus her attention and affection on her baby. It’s now been theorized that men can make themselves more desirable by stimulating a woman’s breasts during foreplay and se*. 

3.A 2014 University survey found that Arts and Humanities majors have most se*, while Science and Engineering majors had least se*, over half of the engineering major respondents were virgins.

4.   In France in the 1500s, women could charge their husbands with impotence. He would have to become erect and show he could ejaculate in a courtroom. If he failed, he could demand a Trial by Congress and attempt to have se* with his wife in front of the experts.

5.Bonobos, one of our most closely related primates, are rarely, if ever, found in zoos because they constantly have sex (both oral and genital) with each other regardless of their own age or sex. They have developed a ridiculously peaceful culture because of their frequent sex including their use of sex as a greeting, a means to form social bonds and as conflict resolution.

6.  There was an all girl band named Rockbitch that would throw a ‘Golden Condom’ into the audience, and whoever got it, male or female, was taken backstage to have sex with band members.

Six Shocking Facts You Don't Know About Se*

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