African Kitchen: Recipes And Process Of Cooking Fried Rice 

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This is my recipe for fried rice. For those who have been asking for recipe, this may be of help.There are several methods but please this is my easy and nice style. 


– 3 cups rice

– chicken or meat, or liver 

– ginger and garlics, green spices

– curry and thyme

-carrots and green beans

– onions and green pepper

– white pepper and normal pepper

– chicken spices

– sweet corn and peas( I couldn’t find peas)

– salt and maggie


– Season chicken n boil…remove chicken , strain  n keep aside..the stock will be used to prepare the rice

– Add some more spices to the chicken stock 

– Add Maggie and salt n bring to a boil

– Add rice and allow to cook..( this is a very important stage in fried rice.. It should be well seasoned and the rice should not get soft…if you are not good at estimating water, you can add gradually, till it is done. 

– Once the rice done. Open the pot for the rice to cool or better still turn rice on a tray…

– Slice carrots and green beans and boil for some few minutes…I boil them separately… They should still be crunchy

– Arrange all ingredients as I did above… This helps you not to forget any…

– Get a frying pan , some butter or oil….butter gives a richer taste but oil is healthier…I used butter…at times I use both

The frying process begins….it can be fried in three or four portions depending on the quantity you are making…for this, I fried in three additions…

-Add some onions, green pepper, fried meat or shredded chicken or liver, to heated butter, add rice, curry, thyme n end with sweet corn n peas….if your rice was not tasty enough, you can add salt, Maggie,  at this stage… If you think your rice lacks flavour you can add powdered spices like garlics, and ginger, white pepper and chicken spices……add in small quantities and taste

– Fry and turn in a different pot…at the end you mix everything together so that it is properly combined.
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Author: Nnamani Ujunwa 

Recipes And Process Of Cooking Fried Rice 
Fried rice by nnamani ujunwa

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