Time For A Revolution (Spoken Word Poetry) 

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When our sisters got raped ,they claimed it was their short dresses that betrayed them cause they looked like prostitutes 

when our brothers wore kanzu ,they called them terrorist just because the terrorist wore the same kind of outfit

when media captured injustices live,they arrested journalist calling them criminals who deserved to be behind bars 

when accidents increased ,they blamed the drivers for being careless during driving 

when money got lost,they chose to take more loans to fill in the holes 

when corruption increased ,they called it tribal attacks 
since when did we solve wrong by doing wrong 

since when did the innocent own the jails when the criminals walked free

since when did our dress code stand for our immortality

since when did we start building bridges to hide our dark past instead of rectifying it

since when did the courts open their eyes when justice was to be blind

since money talks  when did it start shutting the voice of the voiceless
The hen has crowed three times and the  son of the soil has betrayed his nation

Its time to pay for the evil seeds we planted in our children 

its time for the son of man to sacrifice his life for a better tomorrow for others 

its time we looked up in the sky since there its where our help comes from

they say for a better tomorrow some must die while the bible says cut of the hand that makes you sin

let us not base injustices on colour race  religion or even tribe 

its every man for himself God for us all

if your tribesman falls for his crime let him fight for himself

lastly crime doesn’t pay while politics is dirty

Time For A Revolution (Spoken Word Poetry) 

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