Cancer, I Hate You (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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Why can’t you see that?

Nobody wants to be associated with you…

You keep forcing yourself on us,

Excuse me monster…

We all dread you cancer…

For what you steal from us…
I remember my favorite Uncle,

He was the pillar support of our family,

The centre post of the hut,

You took him without a warning,

Bringing down the hut to ruins..

I hate you cancer!
She was more than a friend, 

Actually she was a sister I never had,

She was like my photocopy,

You became jealous of the love we shared,

And you snatched here like the monster you are,

I hate you selfish cancer!
He had vision for our country,

He was the youngest ever president elected..

He had risen from grass to grace,

Soon after he had made it to statehouse,

You attacked him, kidnapped him from us,

Cancer we hate you as a country,
Don’t you have any mercy for once,

You take the favorite of persons from us,

The sad thing is that you never get satisfied,

You keep blaming our lifestyle,

But why?

Why do you want us to hate you?


Tell me Cancer!

Can you here me?

Cancer, I Hate You (Lifestyle poem of the day)
Cancer cells

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