Black Diamond (Romantic poem of the day) 

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I told her that i will wait,be patient till the paints dries.

be calm and still as i sooth her heart with my touch.

promised that I’ll be swift,light steps in her direction.

i have  mastered  the wilderness ,i attempt to be tempted to get a feel of how bread used to taste .

turn the drying  tears into wine and wash my dry lips in her  iced look.

wait for her  smile to brighten  my swollen  face but first mend my broken soul.

i have never get enough of the stars in the sky and I am craving for a glowing and sparkling beauty to feed my  darkest wounds.

i wish to see a tear  dropping  for my past, a heart cursing the dark as it cushions  and nurse my lost passion.

i want to feel!

fill the spaces they dug in me,fill all the lonely memories with her presence ,repent all my sins and for all  the scenes i made when nothing  made sense  in my eyes as scent became scarce in my life.

bleeding pen
Blue Diamond (Romantic poem of the day) 

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