Valentine (Romantic poem of the day) 

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Love is ours 💕

Just the way the stars 

Depend on the moon for light 

To shine the night 

Is the way my love for you depends on your heart

Its a simple, true 

Sincere, strong feeling 

And when my heart meets his 

I long for a kiss

I felt i knew him forever 

And telling him what 

I did not want 
Im happy by being on your side 

Its a feeling i cant hide

Not even with my single pride 


I long for your body 

Not  a single night could pass 

Without me in your arms 

I can satisty your desires 

With alot of concetration 

From your eyes of confusion

And your arms of passion

Our love is craxier

Our love is happier 

Our love is fairer

I know what our love is 

So love allow me to build castles of love in the sky 

As we climb the castle of love with white flying dove
Buskuti the poet
Valentine (Romantic poem of the day) 

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