Kenyan Female Evangelist Jacinta Nzilani Comes Out As Lesbian

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Kenyan female preacher, Jacinta Nzilani, has come out to reveal that she is a lesbian.Speaking outside the Milimani Law Courts on Friday, she said she became a lesbian after her husband passed away.

Ms. Nzilani is among LGBT rights activists and members who had flocked the court on Friday ahead of the much-anticipated ruling on decriminalizing same-sex relationships in Kenya.

However, they were left disappointed after the ruling was postponed to May. The 51-year-old evangelist said she became gay after mistreatment from her in-laws following the demise of her spouse.

“I am a widow. I lived with my husband for more than 25 years and then he died. I was treated badly by my in-laws and because of the experience, I decided to live with other women. .

And I am a lesbian. I feel comfortable and good with other lesbians. I lost my church due to several challenges. People left me and some were forcing me to marry and it was not in me anymore,“ she added.

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