Jealous (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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Sometimes, Often I find it hard

On the tip of my tongue 

To tell you,

I’m Jealous.
But I am.

I’m jealous of the shower

Pouring water,

That falls upon your skin,

Its closer than my hands have ever been,

I’m jealous more than you can think,

Just because you so-oh beautiful,

And everybody wants a taste,

Even florists,

And the fools,

I’m jealous of flowers,

That almost on your lips,

There’s no blossom without me.
But if you ever wanted to feel special,

I wake up it hits my head,

I’m not gone be the only one

To sleep in your bed,

I’m just jealous there’s already someone,

Playing with your head.
Everyday I wake up wishing 

I’m that mirror you look-in

Before work,

I feel it’s the time but, probably lying,

How hard can it be for me

To just keep trying?

Jealous and hating on the mirror,

That guy sending you a banquet

Just once a year!

Oh yeah! I’m jealous of that morning moan,

And the shoes in your feet,

That bra hugging you all time,

Sometimes it’s me calling,

But I’m jealous of when it rings,

I’m jealous of whoever might

Have given you job,

Sorry might have employed you.
I am jealous of every proximity that you hold,

Jealous of the towel curled

Around your whole totally naked fresh,

The sheets that touches every part of your body,

When you fall asleep 

And the pale moon is watching your slow motions, 

It cuts me deep and wide 

Barely I can breathe without you,

Your proximity is an insecurity without me

I can’t rid myself of jealousy
I’m jealous of the earrings 

Swirling on your ears,

The lip-gloss that glitters on your pout lips,

Baby, you’re still beautiful even without it,

I’m jealous of your fingers 

How they softly caress your body thoroughly 

And keeps serving you boss’ bosses,

I, am Jealous of how you sit on that toilet

And it just sees everything beneath you,

I wish I was that swinging chair

And you just sit on my face

All day long.

I’m jealous And jealous,

I’m jealous as the word jealous.

Jealous (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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