I Need Answers (Romantic poem of the day) 

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Love is indeed for the strong, 

And I’m not, 

How did I get my self in to this situation, 

I loved her so much, 

And I lost her. 
I did everything for her,

Took her in, that time her dad was marrying her off to some old man, 

He disowned her and I owned  her. 
I paid for her school fees, 

Ignoring my own family, 

My only brother who died in the hospital, 

Simply because I refused to pay for his medication. 
I abandoned the only person who helped me when nobody else did, 

I even owe my medical degree to him, 

Blinded in love I was, 

That I forgot all about him. 
So now she’s back, 

From the U.S, 

I paid her school fees,


And everything she needed,
Guess what,

She’s engaged,

To some other man who she mate in the U.s,

I lost her,

It hurts,

It pains,

This life is so unbearable.
Why me???

I keep on asking my self,

I have lost everything,

My job gone,

All because of stress,

All because of love,

All becauss of her.

Is it my fault that i loved too much???

Was I wrong to take care of her?? 

Was it right for her to 

 leave me like that???

Someone please answer me.
 © Mara Pain

I Need Answers (Romantic poem of the day) 
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