Beautiful Mind, Dark Thought (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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My mind is the black hole

 Flirting with dark mater

My thoughts are black magic

Dressed in ragged apparel,

I am the black man,

Beneath the white mask.
My mind is a discarded mop,

In a rocket lost in space,

My thoughts are an asteroid,

Plummeting into oblivion,

I am the ghost of a galley slave 

who perished at sea in chains
 My mind is the spirit of the bull,

Murdered on the altar,

In the vain attempt to appease the gods,

My thoughts are the sand,

Upon which valiant gladiators have fallen
My mind is the ghost of a lab rat,

Mutilated, and sacrificed in the name of science. 

My thoughts are the nightmare,

That will make you run from your bed

I am a beautiful chaos!

@Tafadzwa Chiwanza

Beautiful Mind, Dark Thought (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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