I Fell In Love (Romantic poem of the day) 

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I fell in love with a man,

I cared less if he had a handsome face,

His voice was something I knew nothing of,

Was he tall or short?

Mayhap was he dark enough,

Or masculine enough to carry me in his arms?

My concern was naught,

For it was his writing that tugged at my heart,

He wrote what my heart felt,

The words that played in my mind he penned down,

How he knew what my thoughts were, 

Never will I know,

I fell in love with him, 

And wished he would too,

Then instead of writing my thoughts,

It was me his musings would be about,

Of how I swept him off his feet,

Of how he loved the feeling of me in his arms,

And my naked body beneath his,

Waiting with abandon to be loved,

Oh how I know his kisses would be smoldering,

Yet all I can do is say,

‘What a great piece you have written’

Next time I hope,

I hope you won’t say _merci beaucoup,_

Instead you will read my thoughts again,

And see my infatuation with you,

Do not pen it down,

Take me lovingly and quench my thirst,

But until you read my thoughts,

I will keep saying what a masterpiece you have written,

My pride will not allow me to say I am lusting after you.
I Fell In Love (Romantic poem of the day) 

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