Cancer Untold (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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They told me one day love will come knocking at my door

I was very poor to believe till something pure came my way

You see nature has a way of blessing and cursing life

Well my dear before you jump to judging me , kindly listen to my story

Tall handsome good accent is the kind of man I want 

But when he’s all I want and comes with an extra package of understanding and mature…that’s what my life needs 

I met him and even before he could knock at my door, my heart was already open for him 

And then time made it worse for I completely  fell into him 
I have fallen in love with cancer 

Sacrificed myself at the altar just to get rid of this ‘alter’

I got in too deep into an abyss of hopelessness just to try give this life a meaning 

For I have fallen in love with someone’s boyfriend

I have fallen in love with cancer 
So yeah should I just throw this feelings to waste ?

Should I sit my ass plant a smile on my face but let heart of mine enjoy this pain?

So before you start calling me stupid …my heart is on the verge of dying 

For it is bleeding death …the man I need must die with me !
✍🏽Gastavas Hearts 💔

Cancer Untold (Lifestyle poem of the day) 
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