Allow Me (Romantic poem of the day) 

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It took me more than courage just to compose my heart in this piece 

For only the heart knows the pain of blindness

I have sprawled from mountains to the oceans just to corner this feelings of mine 

But today , I can’t hold them anymore I must open up

You see I’m just this guy trying to live and afraid of dying without finding love
I know all you see is friendship 

You don’t know how that makes me feel 

I’ve been hiding my face with a fake smile hoping that one day you’ll open your eyes 

And see thy future lies with us cause together we can own the sea

So here I am with my bleeding heart begging for mercy 
I can no longer deny this love that bottles up inside of me 

You are this special cute dove that I can’t hold my love for 

For your eyes have taught me companionship more than friendship 

In you I hope for courtship 

Don’t get me wrong , I’m trying to make this voice of my heart louder 
Give me a chance to show you what my heart can do 

For I’m ready to share your battles and pains 

Uplift your sadness to happiness and simply love you beyond the abyss of love 

Allow me to take this bullet for you , for my heart  bleeds for you 

Don’t just say friends when you know I can give you the happiness you deserve 
Come, shed your burdens on me and lemme glitter the dull part in you 

But if you find this unworthy ,it’s still okay 

For a heart that loves in blindness cannot die of rejection 

I ask this once and I won’t ask again 

Yet if I ask again …forgive me for my heart needs you to gain 

I love you sinyorita 

And that’s something I can’t undo 

Gastavas Hearts 

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