The story of my life (Spoken Word of the day) 

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Seconds then minutes and finally hours; time flies. Some tales can’t be forgotten, they stick in the heads like a glue. For you to grow, you must eat.

It’s time supper, *Min Adhiambo* wasn’t exempted from the task of preparing supper. She was a good mother who ensured her children ate to satisfaction, whenever there was food.
It rained heavily that day so I arrived home late from school owing to the weather. The banks of River Sare, due to the heavy rain sell and we had to wait for the water level to reduce. We walked in a group to ensure that all girls are helped to cross the swelling river, though some of them were scared to cross to the other side.
On arriving home, I changed to home clothes and washed my dirty uniform. I joined my mum in the kitchen, didn’t I need to warm myself after been rained on? My mother, Min Adhiambo, was busy cooking.
That night we had “boo”, a vegetable, and ugali on the menu. For “boo” to be soft, it has to be boiled first. With either magadi or ash or “balaa” . This was Min Adhiambo’s recipe for boo
“Ben, dhi iom moo, chumbi, kod otungu” (Ben, go and bring salt, cooking oil, and onion. “Respect your father and mother so that you can live longer on earth” Ephesians 6

I obeyed!
It was time to fry boo. The kitchen was filled with the sweet aroma, owing to my mother’s culinary skills! My other siblings were in the main house, commonly referred as “big house” even though it wasn’t as spacious. The main house was leaking!
Our kitchen wall wasn’t kind and loving. It fell on my mother’s  pot, the food! We didn’t eat that food. That night we slept in empty tummies.
The story of my life (Spoken Word of the day) 

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