Pain (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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Razor blades

Cut and cuts

Blood ozzing

Pills and portions

Scars on my skin

Sleepless nights

Tears on my pillow



Well I’m tired now
My arms look ugly

Questions I can’t answer

I’m tired of being your slave

I’m tired of dancing to your tunes

So many lies you told me

That life is worthless

That I’m as good as dead

Who are you to put me down

I say no to you
You claim that I’m all alone

No one loves me

But that’s a lie

I’m not alone 

I got Jesus 

Did you know that he died on the cross for me

He loves me

He got my back

Damn I’m not alone

Enough of your lies

You can’t put me down 

Not anymore
You said I was a looser

And that I can’t do anything meaningful with my life

You called me weak 

But wait listen

I’m not weak

I’m strong for Christ strengthens me

He’s in me now 

Do you know what that means?

Well it means you are out
You called me ugly just the other day

But I discovered that I’m beautifully and wonderfully made

Depression you can’t put me down anymore 

You were a burden to me 

And I just cast you unto Jesus

For he cares for me

No more tears 

No more regrets

No more suffering
I’m a conquerer

I’m a winner

I got all that it takes

I’ll better my life

You just watch 

I’m stronger than depression

I’m wiser than anxiety

No panic attack will put me down
I’m past this

It’s now history

It’s all in the past

Long time gone

This is the new me

Don’t let your pain define you

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Pain (Lifestyle poem of the day) 

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